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Choose from two wrestlers to take part in different matches in this PC wrestling game

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WWE Raw Demo
WWE Raw 2014

An outdated roster and an overly complicated combat system plague this game and make it a little less-than-fun to play. In addition, WWE Raw has some sluggish controls, and the lack of diversity in the match types and visual oddities have made this a lower quality game. Unfortunately, WWE Raw had a lot of potential, but this game doesn't fill the wrestling void in the PC gaming world.

Wrestlers from Another Time

WWE Raw has many of the wrestlers from a different time period. This is before the company was even known as the WWF. Because of this, you may not see some of the more exciting wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Hulk Hogan. Instead, you'll get the portion of the WWE talent that hasn't been on a TV broadcast in months. Another issue is how it affects the wrestler entrance because many of these wrestlers no longer enter the arena with the same pyrotechnic displays or the same music as what you see in this game.

Biggest Drawback

Outdated wrestling talent and outdated arena displays are a lesser problem when you compare it to the actual gameplay. This is what makes the perfect cocktail of poorness because the gameplay itself tries to give us a dramatic entrance, but it does a face plant right into the wrestling mat. WWE Raw includes many of the inactive wrestlers that no one cares about. However, where it falls flat is in terms of gameplay. You feel like this was a game that they just rushed out to make as much money as fast as possible. You only have a couple different match types like one-on-one, tag team, triple threat, tornado, battle royal, king of the ring and handicap. All of this is pretty standard. The biggest problem is how every one of the match types seems to play the same, which can get boring fast. You can change the rooms of some of the matches to make them more hardcore.

Title Match Championships

You can also choose to do a title match where you face off against some of the different WWE titles. For example, you might play for the championship title or the intercontinental title. You can do this through the defeat of several wrestlers. Unfortunately, the title matches don't include a smidgen of story to them, which once again, shows the lack of effort they put into this game.

The actual wrestling in this game can be slow-paced and difficult to execute the most basic moves against your opponent. You will need to constantly bring attacks on your opponents with many moves if you will raise up the momentum meter to beat your foe.


  • Decent music despite it not matching the current style of the wrestler.
  • Great graphics to visually keep you in the game.


  • Slow-paced fighting system that gets annoying after a while.
  • The match types are too similar to each other.
  • The wrestlers included aren't the most exciting ones.

WWE Raw for the PC allows you to play as your favorite WWE Superstar, or one you created yourself. You can work your way up to an epic title match.

WWE Raw is an extremely popular pro wrestling game which finally provided improvements over the previous years' installments. Critics and fans have hailed the game for its improved controls, exciting roster additions and sleek graphics. Some have claimed that the game writers craft better storylines than the vaunted WWE creative team. Remember the mystery GM? It was Hornswoggle! Yes, he booked himself against the Great Khali. Don't ask why.

The controls are usually make or break any wrestling game. Raw gets it right with the grapple system, which allows the player to transition into bigger moves as the opponent gets weaker.

One awesome feature is the "wake up taunt". You can force a downed enemy up to their feet so you can hit your finisher, like how Randy Orton sets up the RKO. There's also a clever "Dynamic Comebacks" system where a losing player can hit a combination of moves and suddenly gain two new finishers. This effectively simulates the twists and turns often seen in a good WWE match.

The roster is fantastic, including many WWE legends included in a game for the first time in many years. This game also features Daniel Bryan just as he was hitting his stride following the infuriating 18-second loss to Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Also included is The Rock, the since-departed CM Punk and legends such as The Road Warriors, the late Eddie Guerrero and The Man Called Vader.

The "Road to Wrestlemania" mode is a mixed bag in this one. Your character goes through a storyline (featuring the voices of actual WWE Superstars) which will take you through an 18-month quest to make it to the top of the company. WWE '12 is the final game to include this feature. WWE '13 replaced it with the Attitude Era mode.

The AI is interesting. On easy mode, the opponents are downright incompetent. Once the difficulty is raised, the game starts to get it into annoying cheap reversals. The options menu does allow you to customize this trait though, which is handy. Multi-man matches and tags can be a little frustrating. It is difficult to pull off a grapple or move because the extra opponent often breaks it up with a punch.

The game is at its best when you play against a friend. Online play is a great way to do this. But be warned--if you have lag issues, you may not be able to kick out of a pin. Some kid playing a Bella twin may defeat you as John Cena if your Internet provider betrays you.


Great graphics

Much improved controls

An epic roster that includes Demolition


In the trial, you can only be The Rock and Kane.

Menus are confusing

Hit Detection is a little off

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